20 of the Best ‘Deluded’ Synonyms


By Dr Oliver Tearle

To ‘delude’ someone is to trick, cheat, or deceive them, although the word’s origins are interesting. It’s derived from the prefix de- and the Latin verb lūdere meaning ‘to play’: the same root which also gave us interlude, allusion, and even the game, Ludo (meaning ‘I play’).

This explains why to delude originally meant (as the OED defines it) ‘To play with (any one) to his injury or frustration, under pretence of acting seriously; to mock, esp. in hopes, expectations, or purposes; to cheat or disappoint the hopes of.’ Continue reading “20 of the Best ‘Deluded’ Synonyms”

26 of the Best ‘Hard-Working’ Synonyms and Antonyms


By Dr Oliver Tearle

The compound adjective hard-working is of surprisingly old vintage: the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) traces it back as early as 1682, when Thomas Tryon used it in his book, Health’s Grand Preservative; Or The Women’s Best Doctor: ‘Hard working rough Trades and Imployments.’ And we all know what ‘hard-working’ means: it simply describes someone or something that works hard. Continue reading “26 of the Best ‘Hard-Working’ Synonyms and Antonyms”